What can you expect as a Racehorse Owner with Andrew Dale Racing?
As a racehorse owner with Andrew Dale Racing you will receive regular correspondents from the stable and respective racing bodies. Andrew will keep you updated via email with reports on your horse’s progress and comments pre-and post-race. You will be told of race nominations, weights, acceptances, scratching’s and receive race results shortly after your horse runs on any given day.

What are the Perks of being an Owner?
Firstly, prizemoney, which is paid into the nominated bank account of each owner, according to share percentage. Australia is fortunate enough to have some of the most lucrative prizemoney in the world.  Ownership also entitles you to multiple members’ passes on race days, complementary drinks and food in the owners’ bar, your name in the race book and exclusive access to the trainer and jockeys in the mounting yard. Private stable visits can also be easily arranged.

What are the costs?
You can download a copy of our fees notice under ownership in the menu bar.

Can I see my horse before I buy it?
We can easily arrange for a prospective owner to see a horse wherever it may be stabled, either at Andrew Dale Racing or a spelling farm.

Are there risks involved?
Yes. While we use every possible resource to insure that your horse has a healthy and successful career, it is possible that your horse may be injured. It is also possible for horses to break down and never race again. Insurance is an available option should you wish to insure your share of a horse.

What happens once my racehorses career is over?
It will then be discussed amongst the owners as to what happens to the horse. Most horses have residual value once their racing career is over. A filly usually goes to stud and can be valuable if they have had a solid racing career. Geldings can be re-educated for other disciplines including dressage or as pleasure horses.

So I’ve purchase a share, whats next?
If you’ve had shares in a racehorse previously you will know how this works but for those of you who are first-time owners, the process won’t be so familiar. Now that you have paid for your initial share the next thing you will need to do is complete the transfer of ownership document. Once this is done you are all set. You will now incur training fees and other expenses that will be billed to you each month, but these costs will hopefully be repaid with the prize money your
horse claims.

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