The opportunity for Andrew Dale Racing to have its own working stables and own identity was too good to pass up.

The long-time horse trainer heard that Wangaratta Turf Club and in conjunction with fellow horse trainer Chris Davis and Racing Victoria that a new set of stables was being built for Davis and the opportunity to emulate this was too good to pass up.

“The idea came about when dad (Andrew) found out about the funding,” Racing manager Frazer Dale said.

“Dad put the wheels in motion and after a 15-month build we were in our own stables.”

“We were only leasing in Albury, so to have our own stables and access to grass tracks, a sand track, fibre sand track, a swimming pool and our own boxes was great.”

“It allowed us to have our own identity.”

“We have our own facilities, our own boxes and it generated a bit of interest.”

Andrew Dale Racing has been operating out of Wangaratta for four months.

The facilities at Wangaratta Turf Club have been a welcome addition to Andrew Dale Racing’s training regime.

“There’s no jostling for access; we have complete access, we just have to pay accordingly,” Dale said.

The 18-box stables are complete with an office and a room for the training family to sleep in after long drives home.

The Dales commute from their house in Myrtleford, but the room offers flexibility for the horse training family.

Words: Cam Potter

Image: Wangaratta Chronicle

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