Annie Holmes is a newbie to Andrew Dale Racing but she has fitted in seamlessly with her great work ethic.

What is your role at Andrew Dale Racing and what does that entail?

My role with Andrew Dale Racing is around the stables so cleaning boxes, feeding, washing, grooming, walking and saddling up horses.

How did you become involved in the racing industry?

I got into the racing industry in 2015 as a stablehand. My older sister was doing it before me so I just tagged along and I ended up really loving every bit of it. I love working with the thoroughbreds, I think they are amazing creatures and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do.

What do you like about working at Andrew Dale Racing?

I love how professional and organised it is around the stables but not just that, I love how much everyone really cares for the thoroughbreds on and off the track. I love the way we work as team together from the trainers, managers, stablehands and trackriders. We all strive for the one goal and that is to succeed. Andrew just wants what’s best for his workers and his thoroughbreds, that’s what I love the most.

What are your interests outside of racing?

My Interests outside of racing is riding my own horses who are eventers, but also training and re-educating OTT (retired) thoroughbreds.

What are your goals and aspirations within the industry?

I would love to do this job full-time as well as re-educating OTT thoroughbreds at home and making a living out of something I love.

Words: Justin Jenvey
Image: ADR

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