Our latest feature is a Q & A with stable Foreperson Francesca Greene. Find out more about her in our latest stable profile.

What is your role at Andrew Dale Racing and what does that entail? 

I’m the stable’s foreperson. My role is to ensure that each morning’s preparation of horses for track work, racing, jump outs and trials or swimming runs smoothly and according to the trainer’s instructions. This entails saddling, washing and walking horses by overseeing staff and being aware of each horses’ movements and individual schedule throughout the morning. I am also responsible for basic vet care such as dressing wounds and keeping an eye on all horses’ joints and tendons and noting any abnormalities in their behaviour. On race day I make sure all racehorses are presented to a high standard and ensure all necessary equipment is packed so Andrew can focus on his important race day duties. Before joining Andrew Dale Racing, I had six years of thoroughbred experience behind me on top of 26 years with performance horses.      

How did you become involved in the racing industry?

I was a poor university student who needed a job. I was a student nurse at La Trobe Wodonga and had done enough of my degree to allow me to work as a low-grade nurse, but I was determined to make a career for myself within the industry so I joined Racing Victoria. For a while I was juggling nursing shifts with stable duties and now after five years of glad to finally be kicking some personal goals.

How did you become involved working as a barrier attendant on race days?

I had the right conversation with the right person at the right time. Melbourne Cup Day 2018 I was sitting with Russell Best a barrier attendant and was asking him about working on the gates. He kindly passed on the information of the regional race day services manager and by February I was working behind the barriers. 

What do you like about working at Andrew Dale Racing?

Aside from having a good laugh every day and working with a bunch of wonderful horses and people, I really appreciate the fact that Andrew values my opinion on a range of horse related issues. We all work together as a team and communication between all staff is brilliant and is key to our success. Andrew also keeps me caffeinated, which probably benefits him more than myself.  

What are your interests outside of racing?

I sold my soul to racing a long time ago, so now racing comes home with me too. I have two personal horses who both enjoyed success as racehorses and are now in the process of re-education for dressage, jumping and eventing. 
I also try to sneak a few quiet minutes with each horse every morning to give them plenty of cuddles and attention. Before joining Andrew Dale Racing, I had six years of thoroughbred experience behind me on top of 26 years with performance horses.    

Words: Justin Jenvey

Image: Andrew Dale Racing

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